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Chester Banks - Business Administration
Silvana Buccianti - Banking
Albert Caraos - Financial Planning

Maureen Caswell - QC Asst. Mgr.
Nicholas Chiavarlotti - Education/Politics
Gregory Cook - Clergy
Thomas Coughlin - Banking

Rocco Coviello - Restauranter
James Davis - Politics

Dr. Dennis Degnan - School Administrator

Dr. Noah DeKoyer - Chriopractor

Dr. Joseph Doria, Jr. - Education/Politics
Pamela Elling - Health Care

Dr. Gwen Giannina - Dentist

Harriet Grodberg - Retired

Janice Hall - Liberty Realty
Virginia Johnson - Banking (retired)

Joseph Kadian - Community Mental Health

Harold Kawalek - Architect

Robert Kellner - Insurance

Rosemary Kellner - Insurance

Elizabeth Mohamad - Pharmaceuti and Photography

Erika Monte - Kenrich Petrochemicals

Salvatore Monte - Kenrich Petrochemicals

Rev. Dorothy Patterson - Clergy

Mary Pierce - Funeral Director

Albert Resnick - Retired

Dave Seeley - CPA
Simpson-Baber Foundation - Children with Autism

Mark Smith - Politician

Carol Trojan - Education (Retired)