Club Service

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Focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the smooth functioning of Rotary Clubs. Learn about effective club service in Membership and Training

Chairperson: Dr. Gwen Giannina

Attendance: Maureen Caswell

Classifications: Dr. Noah DeKoyer

Membership: Dr. David Grodberg

Rotary International: Dave Seeley

Club Bulletin: Maureen Caswell

Club Chaplain: Rev. Dorothy Patterson

Program Director: Maureen Caswell

Fund Raisers/Super Bowl: V. Virga/S. Monte

Super 50/50: Dr. Gwen Giannina

Internet ICO: S. J. Monte

District Conference: Silvana Buccianti

Historian: Vin LoRe, Al Resnick

President’s Ball: Erika Monte

Installation Dinner: V. LoRe, M. Caswell

By Laws: Dave Seeley

Parliamentarian: Dr. David Grodberg